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Meeting one of the Turkish academics while looking for hatchlings

From my point of view - as a Norwegian volunteer here in Turkey, there is a depressing huge gap between the academics and "ordinary people" - not only here, but almost anywhere.

An educated person should look upon his/her knowledge as a value he/she should give to others into an easy way of speaking. And not look down to others. If we might solve any problems, we have to cooperate. Everybody know this - don't they?
The one academic we met today yelled out:"You do not know anything about these animals! You are not allowed to do this work! You do not have any biological professor among your group!"
Well - her last sentence is true - so far. We tried to say that we have been reading a lot at internet, we have been in the field for 3 years now.
We never touch the females while nesting until she has finished, we never dig for the eggs. We do surround the nesting-boxes so that nobody walk upon the nest, we want to look for the nests until hatching time. And we give information- both to the local people and the tourist.
We can see there is a discussion about "if - and how to surround the nests", and we would like to hear different opinions about this question. But then we have to speak nice together and cooperate - mustn't we?

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